Regional Traits

Regions of Verden

There are many widely-varying geographical areas upon the surface of Verden, and peoples originating from them have similar variations in culture, traditions, and appearance. Below are many of the traits which have come, over the centuries, to be emblematic of the peoples from certain parts of the world.

Icewind Isle

The men and women that still remain on Icewind Isle are among the hardiest folk left in the world. Like the frozen floes they hunt upon, these are a brittle people, prone to taking quick offense from “southerners” who are slow to adapt to the raw climate here. Friendly (relatively) with Elves who make it this far, and powerfully in touch with the natural spirits and magicks of the deep arctic, residents of this gods-forsaken subcontinent never complain and are able to deal with even the most trying environs. +1 Fortitude save, Frostbite (level/day)(Sp), -2 Diplomacy

The Northern Holds

The uppermost portion of what Reignics think of as “the civilized world”, the Northern Holds is one of the most heavily-militarized areas on the entirety of Tarras. The majority of the locals are at most only a few generations descended from the soldiers and Hierophants of the Wildborn Wars, and when combined with the constant struggles against Druidic raiders and the climate, the Northerners have been forged into a people that are not to be taken lightly. +2 Knowledge (Religion), +1 Fortitude saves

Western Hinterlands

As the area of current expansion for the Reign, the Hinterlands are the very definition of “the frontier”. Having learned something from the Wildborn Wars, the Church is taking a less-combative approach to settling the west. Settlers here tolerate the Wildborn, even if they rarely truly get along. Many of the newcomers are accomplished tradesmen, or the second- or third-born sons thereof, looking to make a name for themselves in this raw and untamed territory. +2 Diplomacy, 20% increase to overland travel speed (whole party)

The Sionian Moors

Between the World-Spine and the Black Sea sit the Reignic lowlands known as the Sionian Moors, so named for Sion, the largest and only major city in the region. Despite a long history of occupation by the Reign, the fens have many scattered Wildborn settlements, and both they and the Reignics are skilled at moving discretely through the swamps to avoid any unnecessary confrontation with one another. Non-locals prefer to avoid the area, resulting in a general impression of Sionians as off-color in any of a host of different ways. +2 Stealth, +2 Diplomacy to avoid combat

The World-Spine

The only true wilderness remaining south of the Fells, the mountains of the World-Spine are home to the monks and hermits of the Wildborn, and little else. Though the locals rarely leave, when they do they have been known to display a quiet wisdom and a hard temper, not unlike the mountains that they call home. These individuals are recognized across Tarras as having powerful souls, even if there is disagreement as to the source of that power. +2 Will save, can ignore 1 sq. of difficult terrain


The Holy Desert lies at the hot and dry center of the Reign, and its inhabitants, almost without fail, look to the Gods to ease the hardship of the mortal realm. The Orken itself is a brutal environment, and it punishes those who live there day-in and day-out. And yet, hours spent in prayer and contemplation, with family and friends during the frequent sandstorms give the Orkenin a familiarity with politics and intrigue that is both personal and potent. +2 Concentration when casting in combat, +1 Knowledge (Religion), +1 Knowledge (Nobility)

The Golden Isles

Considered by all but the Druids to be a site of incredible divine power, the Golden Isles grant many unforeseen boons to those who call them home. Even the Elves have been rumored to make pilgrimages here, in memory of the dead and the great loss which was inflicted upon them. Neither the Elves nor the locals, however, regard the other kindly, as those who are inclined to live or visit the Isles also tend to be far to the “fanatic” end of the spectrum. +2 Knowledge (Religion), +2 damage vs followers of another deity


Along the trade-rivers in the Northern Holds and Hinterlands, those individuals who call the banks and beaches home serve the crucial role of either protecting or raiding the many merchant- and transport-ships that barge up and down the currents. The constant battle between Reignics and Wildborn raiders has hardened these woodland folk into deadly archers and climbers, using the trees and the waters to catch their targets unawares. +1 Climb, +1 Swim, +1 to-hit with all bows and crossbows


There are some among the intelligent races who are not content to remain in one place, be it a city, village, or territory, for very long. These are the Sómvandr; the Wanderers, in the old Imperial tongue. Calling no one place home, they are traders, soldiers-of-fortune, and holy men who see the open road and the bright sky as a gift from the Gods and a story waiting to be told beside a roaring fire, with one’s truest companions close by. +2 Knowledge (Local), +2 Survival


Not unlike the Sómvandr, children born to and taken with parents in the military, while very rare, end up calling nowhere home. Unlike the Wanderers, though, this choice was not allowed them, and their endless relocating is simply a fact of life. These individuals, therefore, are often very confident and self-assured, but have trouble making connections with new people. They are almost always well-trained in combat, however, and this usually makes up for any social deficiencies. +1 Will save, +2 to-hit with chosen weapon, -2 Diplomacy with non-allied target

The Outliers

The polar opposite of the Golden Islanders, those who hail from the many tiny Outlier Islands are as pleasant and comfortable to be around as the tropical paradises they sail home to. Serving as fishermen and servants all along the southern coast of the Holy Desert, the Outliers (as they are commonly called) are expert sailors and friendly merchants to all they come across. +2 Diplomacy with non-hostile target, +1 Will save

Regional Traits

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