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Here Begins The Story of
The Endseekers of Avalon

This campaign will take place primarily in what is known as the The Reign of Man. The Reign is a large empire, spanning over a dozen major cities and countless smaller towns and villages. The Reign is ruled, predictably, by humans, with Dwarves and Halflings living around the edges of human civilization. Halflings live in ghetto-towns, known as Plots attached to our nearby human towns and cities. They are fairly isolated within these areas, and the women and children emerge rarely, if they do so at all. Dwarves, having no commonly-known organized civilization, are divided into dozens of mercenary bands, called Companies. Each company has its own motivations and personality, but all are independent and work by their own rules.

Beyond the borders of the Reign, far to the east and across the Black Sea, the Elves exist in the wide tropical jungles of the Far Continent. Little is known about the Elves save that they are wild and bloodthirsty creatures that have no established culture or civilization. Only a few Elves have been seen or captured in recent memory, and of those, all but one killed themselves soon after capture. The one who survived, Hravan the Mad, went insane after being detained — but remains one of only two first-person sources that the West has about the Elves. The other is the writing of the Seer of the East, a Dwarven follower of Thea, the Queen of the Gods. The Seer traveled with his Company into Elven lands, recording everything he experienced.

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