Church of the Five

The dominant and official religion of the Reign, the Church of the Five holds the titular Five Gods as the creators and rulers of the known universe.

The Five Gods

In descending order of divine authority, the Five who are worshipped by the Church are Akkos, Likos, Thea, Jatos, and Hemos.


Akkos came to the Universe from Beyond, and when He arrived it came to be. Akkos saw the Universe lacked design, so he made the World and called upon his brother Likos to aid him in creation. With the help of the Adviser, Akkos made Life and gave form to the Void.

The ruler of the Gods, Akkos is the brother of Likos and husband of Thea. He is father to Jatos and Hemos. The domains of the Priests and Knights of Akkos are:

  • Air
  • Earth
  • Nobility
  • Good
  • Sun


Called to the Universe by Akkos, Likos advised his brother in the making of the World. Likos saw that there was no light in the Void, and so Akkos created Thea to brighten the World. Likos saw that there was no purpose in the Void, and so Thea brought forth Jatos and Hemos, to give meaning to living creatures.

Likos is the brother of Akkos. He is often called the Adviser, and his followers vastly outnumber any other god’s among the peoples of the Reign. It was Likos who issued judgment upon the Wildborn who first returned to the Reign, comdemning them to diminuitive stature and creating the Vervlokt. The domains of the followers of Likos are:

  • Death
  • Law
  • Protection
  • Void


Thea was made to bring light to the Void, and so she rules over all that is seen and unseen. She lamented her loneliness while Akkos and Likos made the World, and so she brought forth Eramos. For this and the consequences she was judged by Likos and banished for an Age to the Void, and the First Age of the World was dark while she served sentence there.

Thea is the wife of Akkos, and patron of Seers and artists of all sorts. She is the Guardian of secret knowledge, and of the divine fire that reveals all things. The domains of the followers of Thea are:

  • Charm
  • Fire
  • Healing
  • Water

The General of Heaven, Jatos is the youngest of the Gods, and aids mortals in pursuit of meaning, along with his brother, Hemos. He takes orders from his father and his uncle, and directs the spirits of the World. He led the armies of First Men and Battleborn in the fight against the Elven armies in the First Age. The domains of the followers of Jatos are:

  • Glory
  • Strength
  • War
  • Artifice

Called Bright-Eye by his mother and Dancer by his brother, Hemos was brought forth before Jatos, and he thus brought meaning to the World. He created Men, and gave them direction. He and Jatos remained during the First Age to atone for the sins of their mother, aiding the First Men and Battleborn against the Elves. Hemos is the guardian of storytellers, drama, humor, and trickery. He is also the patron of assassins. The domains of the followers of Hemos are:

  • Community
  • Luck
  • Knowledge
  • Weather

Church of the Five

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