Vlórë is the official name of the city known as Avalon. Home to the Duke of the North, Avalon sits atop a high ridge, overlooking the edge of the vast and foreboding Wolfswood to the north. At the southern slope of the ridge flows the South Branch of the River Titus, supposedly named after one of the ancient kings of men who first ventured into the Northern Holds.


As the capitol of the North, Avalon is less of a frontier town than many of the other cities this far up the continent, and indeed follows some of the most rigid caste-structures anywhere outside of Volant itself. Moreover, the current Duchon seated in Avalon was formerly Bartok Bellini, and his appointment to that office a decade ago prompted an uptick in the political drama throughout the city, such that the high degree of corruption here is one of the worst-kept secrets in the Reign.


Avalon is, in addition to being a political and religious epicenter, the largest source of raw metals, lumber, and precious gems in the Reign. The forests around the city, particularly the Wolfswood, provide ample fuel for the factory-fires of Dunmore to the East, while the raw metal ores are mined and refined in and around Avalon. The wood travels two weeks along the Easterly Road to Dunmore, while the metals are shipped by caravan, North around the Wolfswood to Carriga (a journey of about 80 miles by road), along the North Branch of the River Titus to Dunmore. The materials are then either used in the creation of various whale-oil-related technologies, or shipped further South along the coast to the more populous Southern and Eastern Holds.


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