Ar'ilden: Frostfall

Story So Far
The Journeys of the Pioneers in Dunmore

Month of Rain

  • 6th: Group hires on with Kirkwood, leaves Markand for Dunmore.
  • 8th: Attack on the road, carts destroyed; small artifacts and a few scrolls stolen.
  • 13th (day): Pioneers arrive in Dunmore, formally sign on with Kirkwood.
            (evening): Interrogate the Battleborn prisoner.
  • 14th (day): Investigate missing girls, speak with Markus and the Friends of the Wild.
            (evening): Head into the Iron Wood, looking for the missing girls.
  • 15th (morning): Return from the Iron Wood with only living missing girl, bump into Inquisitor Hayes at Markus’.
            (day): Discuss the situation with Kirkwood, and dispose of the prisoner.
  • 16th (early morning): Head into the Iron Wood to look for David on behalf of Corval, confront Draust and Hayes.
            (morning): Kill the Giant and confront David, who flees into the woods.
            (day): David is killed at some point, unknown assailant.
            (evening): Whalers’ Union gathering in Oilertown, David’s body is shown as evidence;
            (late-night)Corval is informed of David’s passing; Myrval and Lilyana wait unsuccessfully for The Grey Company;
  • 17th (early morning): Ormyr leads arrest of Whalers’ Union leaders; Myrval and Lilyana capture one of the leaders.
            (morning): Hayes confronts Ormyr, clearly suspicious of the Pioneers, in the entrance hall of the Church.

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